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Akhill tea (articulate) Freedom of movements and flexibility of joints.

Akhill tea (articulate) Freedom of movements and flexibility of joints.
  • Akhill tea (articulate) Freedom of movements and flexibility of joints.
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Brand:American leptin Pharmaceutical

Very few people from us in daily vanity think of whether he protects the backbone and joints. And meanwhile, the reasons of development of osteochondrosis are well-known:

  • sedentary work,

  • age after 35-40 years,

  • driving of the car,

  • hypodynamia,

  • violation of a bearing,

  • excess weight,

  • physical activities,

  • nerve strain.

The pulling, shooting back pains are familiar to you? Osteochondrosis causes an overstrain of muscles, pains at the movement and at rest, constraint of movements. If work forces you to be constantly in a static pose, even more often you begin to feel discomfort, working capacity decreases. With age violations arise also in joints. Isn't it time to present himself freedom of movements?

To prevent the first violations of bone system, take for the rule to drink a phytotea mug Akhill. It contains the Re-Flex complex thanks to what increases elasticity and flexibility of a backbone, improves food of joints, prevents destruction of intervertebral disks and articulate cartilages.

Accepting Akhill, you:

  • protect a backbone from age changes

  • you will be able to lead active lifestyle, without feeling back and joints pains

  • you will easier cope with big physical activities

  • you should not take the anesthetizing pill

  • you will make great progress in sport

  • you will reduce risk of injury of joints and bones.

Structure: roots of a burdock big, a St. John's Wort grass made a hole, a horsetail field, leaves of raspberry ordinary, roots of a dandelion medicinal.

Re-flex ― the complex facilitating the movements in joints.

The plants which are a part of a complex participate in construction and updating of structural proteins of bones, cartilages and sheaves. They are rich with minerals therefore they are especially important for acceleration of healing of changes, for improvement of a state at arthrosis and arthritis. The complex increases production of intra articulate liquid thanks to what joints do not creak and do not crackle.

The St. John's Wort improves blood circulation in joints and their food. Carotene and tokoferola in its structure promote regeneration of articulate fabrics. Active components of a horsetail and a root of a burdock promote clarification of intra articulate liquid and removal of excess of salts and slags from joints. They connect toxic products and accelerate their removal through kidneys due to diuretic effect. Flavonoids of a St. John's Wort and a horsetail reduce permeability of capillaries, kill puffiness and joint pain. Ascorbic and fatty acids of a root of a burdock suppress inflammatory processes in joints at arthritis.


Leaves of raspberry of ordinary (Rubus idaeus) . Raspberry leaves at the expense of a large amount of ascorbic acid and phytoncides have anti-inflammatory effect on joints, improving the movements and reducing redness and hypostasis. Vitamin C and manganese participates in synthesis of an organic basis of bone and cartilaginous fabrics, calcium is a part of the main mineral component of a bone tissue – oxyapatite. Raspberry flavonoids, strengthening a mocheotdeleniye, promote reduction of puffiness and constraint of joints.

Roots of a dandelion of medicinal (Taraxacum officinale) . Vitamin A as a part of a dandelion is necessary for renewal of cells of bone and cartilaginous fabrics. Ascorbic acid and flavonoids participate in process of updating and healing of bone and cartilaginous system. Minerals (manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum, selenium) increase saturation by mineral salts of musculoskeletal system. Calcium and phosphorus are structural elements of a bone tissue. Bioflavonoids of a dandelion promote removal of a pain syndrome in joints.

  • Reduces symptoms at backbone osteochondrosis pain;

  • Promotes prevention of diseases of joints (arthritis, osteoarthrosis);

  • Reduces a pain syndrome at diseases of musculoskeletal system;

  • Improves a metabolism and reduces symptoms at gout.

  • Accelerates recovering of a bone tissue from a fracture;

  • Reduces joint pain at physical activity.

Course at osteoarthrosis, a fracture

duration is 30 days:

In the morning: 1 bag of Akhill phytotea;

In the afternoon: 2 capsules of "Formuly-S", 1 bag of Akhill phytotea,

In the evening: 2 capsules of "Breynton".

Brand:American leptin Pharmaceutical
Information is up-to-date: 25.03.2019
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