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Ozonizer multifunction Botietech

Ozonizer multifunction Botietech
  • Ozonizer multifunction Botietech
  • Ozonizer multifunction Botietech
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The multifunction home device for carrying out ozonotherapy, purification of air, water, food stuffs, removal of unpleasant smells.

Disinfection by ozone is an ideal way of elimination of chemical pollution of food stuffs. Researches showed that ozone is the best microbicide. In only a few minutes ozone effectively kills colibacilli and other viruses and microbes. Ozone disinfects much better (from 600 to 3000 times), than ultraviolet rays (quartz treatment by an uf-lamp), chlorine or other means. It is easily dissolved in water, it is 13 times better, than oxygen. Ability of disinfection of ozone even amplifies when it is dissolved in water. And after switching off of an ozonizer, ozone itself breaks up to oxygen through 20-40min., there is only a freshness, purity and health.

Ozonizer scopes: – Disinfection;
– Deodorization;
– Processing of foodstuff (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, eggs);
– Cleaning and ozonation of air;
– Whitening of linen;
– Chlorine elimination;
– Giving to linen of chromaticity;
– Production of mineral water;
– Elimination of dandruff;
– Processing of an oral cavity (from a fetor);
– Disposal of eels;
– Care of domestic animals;
– Care of an aquarium;
– Improvement of a gastrointestinal tract;
– Elimination of fungus diseases.

Recommendations – After operation of the device it is recommended to air the room a little.
– When using the device for air clarification, presence of people indoors is not recommended.
– Single period of operation of the device at an ochikshcheniya of air has to make no more than 15 minutes. Specific values of the recommended period of operation have to be differentiated depending on room volume.
– To make use of the device for the purpose of ozonization of water in the ventilated rooms.
It is recommended to install the device on higher level since ozone is heavier than air. For one session the maximum operating time should not exceed 30 minutes.

  1. Water purification
    To place a nozzle in capacity with water and to set operating time. For one glass of water — 5 min., for 10 liters of water-15-20 minutes. It is recommended to sustain 10 minutes water after processing. The ozonized water can be used for different domestic needs, for example: washings, washing of fruit, vegetables, boiling (tea, coffee), preparation of first courses, compotes. Properties of the conditioned water remain within 48 hours.

  2. Processing of meat
    To carefully wash up meat, to cut for the portion, to wet for 10 minutes, then to process a nozzle, having lowered a tubule in water for 10-15 minutes

  3. Processing of vegetables and fruit
    To fill in vegetables or fruit with water, to place a tubule with a naksadka and to process 15 minutes for the purpose of removal of toxic chemicals.

  4. Processing of eggs
    To place a hose with a nozzle in ware with eggs, to fill in with water and to process them within 10 minutes. As a result period of storage of eggs lasts.

  5. Purification of air
    (Without final air duct) to install the device, on a vozkmozhnost, on higher level, having set operating time of 10-15 minutes. The area of the serviced room to 70 sq.m. As a result the tobacco smoke, etc. unpleasant smells is removed, air is enriched with ozone and becomes similar forest, as after a thunder-storm.

  6. Elimination of an unpleasant smell in household appliances
    The final air duct (without nozzles) is located in a hoklodilnik or the washing machine, and the device turns on for 10-15 minutes for full deodorization. To close a door of the refrigerator or a window of the washing machine not densely not to press the air duct.

  7. Processing bed and underwear
    To put the lower or bed linen in a plastic bag, where to place the air duct without nozzle. To tie a package, without pressing the air duct and to make disinfection within 10-15 minutes. This method is very convenient for processing of children's linen and diapers since it excludes need of an ironing.

  8. Respect for hygiene of an oral cavity
    For removal of an unpleasant smell from a mouth and processing of teeth to use water right after ozonization.

  9. Giving to linen of chromaticity
    Use of the ozonized water when washing linen and clothes gives to products brightness, contrast, freshness, and also makes disinfection.

  10. Care of skin
    For giving to face skin of smoothness and freshness it is necessary to wash daily ozonized water. It is possible to dip the person into capacity with this water. It also promotes deep clarification of face pores and completely deletes a make-up.

  11. Disposal of eels
    For effective removal of acne rash it is necessary to wash daily ozonized water and to blow ozone (by means of the air duct without nozzle) in sore points within 2-3 minutes 7 days. For receiving bigger effect it is recommended to use inside a glass of the ozonized water and to wash.

  12. Improvement of a gastrointestinal tract
    Drink of the ozonized water recovers acid-base balance in an organism and activates exchange processes.

  13. Elimination of fungus diseases
    To wash legs with the ozonized water; to process ozone (the air duct without nozzles) the places of legs struck with a fungus.

  14. Reception of bathtubs from the ozonized water
    Bathing in the ozonized water has very favorable effect on all organism in general, namely:

  15. takes off fatigue (relaxation);
  16. brings toxins out of an organism;
  17. promotes a good dream;
  18. improves a condition of skin of a body (gives smoothness and an uprukgost);
  19. helps at rheumatism and diseases of skin;
  20. helps at migraines.
    Water in a bathtub should not exceed breast level, distemper of round 38 ° -40 °, duration no more than 20 minutes.

  21. Elimination of dandruff
    It is necessary to rinse hair with the ozonized water without upholding two times a week.

  22. Care of domestic animals
    It is necessary to make processing for disinfection of domestic animals the end of the air duct without nozzle.

  23. Delay of development of cancer tumors
    The regular use of the ozonized water and bathing in it (1-2 times a week) slows down developments of a carcinoma cutaneum for 40%, other tumors — for 30%.

Technical characteristics: Power supply voltage: 220B +10% / 50Гц
Power consumption: 18 Of W
Productivity: 400 mg of ozone an hour
Mass of the device: 1200 gr
Ozonizer dimensions: 255x190x70

Operation of an ozonizer 1. Turn on the device in a network.
2. Attach the final air duct.
3. Attach the necessary nozzle to the air duct.
4. Choose an operating mode: "+" or "-".
5. Set device operating time by pressing of the button.

Certificates of quality – Patents of the People's Republic of China: ZL 03 3 30876.5, ZL 02 3 23619.2, ZL 02 3 80211.3, ZL 03 3 15371.X
– Patent of outward: ZL 01 3 19553.2
– Patents of new model: ZL 03 2 33256.1, ZL 06 2 08130.3
– Standard of execution: CB4706.45-200
Quality of this device is confirmed with the following organizations:
– Center of supervision and examination of quality of electrical household appliances of the People's Republic of China
– The center of prevention and control of diseases in Guanchzhon
– The center of control of microorganisms in the province Guandon-Tsentrom of standards and control Hong Kong
– Certificate of compliance of the Quality system ISO 9001 and CQC system
– By state system of certification of UKRSEPRO it is registered in the register

ATTENTION!!! • Not to use metal, aluminum or copper tanks.
• Before use of the device attentively read the instruction.

Precautionary measures – For a detachment of a network cord pull it for the plug, but not for a cord.
– Do not allow hit in the water device, etc. liquids.
– Do not use chemically active liquids (different solvents) for cleaning of the body of the device.
– Do not try to open independently the body in order to avoid blow with electric current. Before turning on of the device check compliance of tension of a network at which it works.
– Tension in a network has to be 220 V.
– When cleaning do not lower the device in water or other liquids.
– Do not use the device if the electricity cable is damaged. In order to avoid blow el. it has to be replaced with current.

Information is up-to-date: 25.03.2019
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