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Spray for oral cavity the Century Eas

Spray for oral cavity the Century Eas
  • Spray for oral cavity the Century Eas
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Brand:Вековой Восток

Promotes healing of the damaged fabrics, reduces bleeding of gums, promotes rassasyvaniye of hems in oral cavity, softens throat and mucous

Correctly organized care of oral cavity preserves teeth, safety and their necessary quantity, thanks to prevention of raid. And the bacterial plaque is the first reason of inflammation of gums and emergence of carious cavities. When smoking, using briquettes, dentures, bridges and crowns the microflora in oral cavity changes, and all processes proceed much quicker.

Thanks to the unique structure spray for oral cavity instantly and for a long time refreshes breath, possesses calming, healing properties, and promotes moistening of mucous membrane of oral cavity.

The main properties and indications to application:

* promotes healing of the damaged fabrics
* reduces bleeding of gums
* promotes rassasyvaniye of hems in oral cavity
* softens throat and mucous, reduces dryness
* prevents emergence of dental plaque
* contributes to normalization of microcirculation and exchange processes in oral cavity fabrics
* as prevention of caries
* at emergence of scale and raid
* for elimination of unpleasant smell and aftertaste
* at oral cavity diseases (catarral gingivita and stomatitises, for removal of toothache)
* prevention and treatment of diseases of oral cavity of inflammatory character (quinsy, SARS)
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Structure: Arctium lappa L., mints, Sterculia lychnophora, honeysuckle sweet honeysuckle, Radix Platycodonis

Method of application: Holding bottle vertically, to stir up it 1-2 times and, having sent to opening to oral cavity, to spray contents, having pressed 2-3 times the doser. Procedure to carry out 3-4 times a day.

Storage conditions: In the place, dry, unavailable to children, at temperature of 5 °C — 20 °C.

Expiration date: 3 years.

Norm of products: Bottle of 20 ml.

Brand:Вековой Восток
Information is up-to-date: 25.03.2019
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